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Prayagraj Nagar Nigam

Government of Uttar Pradesh

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8. Process Flow

Mutaion Process

1- Apply for the Property Mutaion:

Fill the form Mutation Request through your account. A successful submission will be notified via SMS. Documents Required:

  1. ID Proof (Scanned Copy) (PDF, Less than 200 KB) One of the following:
    Voter ID / Driving Licence / Passport / Aadhaar Card / PAN Card,
  2. Affidavit copy (Scanned Copy) (PDF, Less than 200 KB) ,
  3. Self Photo (Scanned Passport Size) (JPEG/JPG, Less than 200 KB),
  4. First Page of Registry –Front (Scanned Passport Size) (PDF, Less than 200 KB) ,
  5. First Page of Registry – Back (Scanned Passport Size) (PDF, Less than 200 KB),
  6. Last Page of Registry –Front (Scanned Passport Size) (PDF, Less than 200 KB) ,
  7. Last Page of Registry – Back (Scanned Passport Size) (PDF, Less than 200 KB),
  8. Payments of the fee is done at the first window. The various type of Mutation are as follows,
    1. Due to Death of Recorded Owner,
    2. Due to Registered Sale Deed,
    3. Will Deed,
    4. Registered Gift Deed,
    5. Family Settlement,
    6. By Order of Court,
    7. Hibba,

2- Verification :
The Application Submitted is sent electronically for Verification at the Department and application is accepted/rejected by Nagar Nigam. Later if required personnel visit is scheduled for a particular date & time. After personnel visit the status of visit is updated through the link. Once Verified, the Citizen is notified through SMS.

3- Approval :
A Verified Application is forwarded for approval to the department.
This has following steps

  1. Issue Notice,
  2. Issue Advertisement,
  3. Objections,
  4. Hearing Update,
  5. Issue Order,

All the steps are followed and the citizen is notified in every step. At last, in step 5 the order is issued and then there are modifications in Information master and billing section of the Property tax.. Citizen is notified of the action via SMS.

4- Status Check any time :
Citizen can keep track of this application via e-NagarSewa Status Check/track Facility on the online Website