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Heritage City

Allahabad- From The Casement Of History

The ground where Lord Brahma penance for millions of years is known by the name Prayag which means the ground of eminent and rigid austerity/ tough devotion. It is also called Bhaskar Area. It has also been the penance ground of Som, Varun and Prajapati.

According to Lingpuran, the capital city of King Pururva Ila was in Prathisthanpur . It was called Ilawas because his mother's name was Ila but according to an historian Badayuni of Akabar's reign, Akbar colonized this Ilawas in 1575 BC. Few even believe that the city is called Allahabad on the name of Banafar fighter Allaha. Tthe historians do not have same views about the city but it has been a source of inspiration and reliance. According to 'Raghuvansh' of Mahakavi Kalidas, Prayas has been a very important pilgrimage of Hindus since ancient times. Prayag is a junction of Shyamali, Dhawali and invisible Saraswati.

The public idol of Indian Minds, Shri Ram while going to exile, rested in Rishi Bharadwaj Ashrma and stayed at Singraor inhabited near River Ganga.

The historical pride of the town can be well visualized and felt by Kasushambi, Bhita, Garwa and Sriagwarpur. Maharishi Galav Married Madhawi daughter of King Yayati. King Nahush, Yayati, Dushyant and Bharat ruled over this city. This city was at the extreme height of culture even during Maurya, Shung, Kushar and Gupta period.

If seen through the casement of history, Prayag has been a slave of many rulers. In 450 B.C. this ground was a devotion/penance ground for Gautam Buddh and in 319 B.C., Chandragupta Maurya came to carry on this responsibility. This city developed very well during the reign of Great King Ashoka. Samudra Gupta also got the honour to rule the city. In 400 B.C. during the tenure of Chandragupta II, a Chinese visitor, Fahien visted India and he described the city very beautifully in his book. The administration of Prayag was disturbed in 600 AD due to invasion by huns. In 606 AD, King Harsh Vardhan made Kannauj his Capital & he went to Prayag during his reign and donated his each and every belonging in charity from 732 AD to 748 AD, Prayag was under the rule of Pal rulers like Gopal, Dharmpal etc. Parihar Rajputs ruled over here in 810 AD. Pratishthanpur and Kaushambhi were its sub capitals. In 1090 AD Chandradev Gahrwar looked after the administration of Kannauj. Since then till the date when Muslim rule became prevalent, the state was under his rule.

In 1994 AD, Prayag came under the rule of Shahabuddin Gauri. First invader Mahmood Gaznvi did not reach here. But there are evidences which prove that Qutub-ud-din Aibek & Sayyed Sailar attacked Kara. Still , Rajput Kings continued with their supremacy and power on the areas at the bank of river Ganga . At the end, Mohd. Gauri himself defeated & killed Raja Jaichand , the king of Kannauj and he made Kara- Manikpur ,a province. There were changes , attacks during Tughlaks & Khilji emperors but Kara- Manikpur province remained as such and Allahabad was a part of it.

Before Akbar Allhabad was a part of Karaa- Manikpur province. Here, Akbar constructed a fort and made Allahabad its capital. According to Abul Fazal, a historian of Akbar's reign, it was an intense desire of Akbar to colonize a city in Prayag. According to historian Badayuni, Akbar colonised a City Allahabad in 1575. After Daniyal, Akbar appointed Salim as Governor of province Allahabad and he continued the same till be became Shahanshah. Salim revolted against Akbar in 1599 and declared himself Shahanshah. He encarved Golden and silver coins by his name and send few of them even to his father. Salim who was ultimately called Jahangir had some grudge with his son Khusro and Khusro's mother commited suicide by consming opinim as she was fed up of clashes between father & son. She was buried in a garden which is now known as Khusrobagh. Kusro's grave is also in this garden. Most of the present outlook of Allahabad was drafted during Akbar's time. During the govt. of his tenure , there were 11 small divisions of the city out of which 9 are still a part of it except Kantit and Bhadohi. Allahabad also suffered the Marathas attacks / invasions during Mughal Reign. In 1736 Marathas openly demanded this city from Mughals on grounds of it being the most important Hindu pilgrimage. In 1739 without the permission of BajI Rao Peshwa, Raghuji Bhosle attacked Allahabad and killed Shuja Khan, the governor of Allahabad and took away all the treasure. In 1751, Afgan Sardar Ahmed Khan Bangas attacked the fort of Allahabad and on being unable to win it, he killed, robbed and tortured the residents settled near Khuldabad fort and made about 400 women of reputed families were made his slaves. Shahanshah Aalam (II) resided here for many days.

Allahabad Fort, for the first time was captured by East India Company and British troops and on 14 Nov 1801, Allahabad was formally handed over to East India Company by Sadat Ali Khan. Since then this place became the cantonment of british troops.In 1834 it was made the capital of North Western province & in 1866, Court was established. On 6 June, revolt of 1857 at 9 pm,, the soldiers of 6 th Native Infantry declared revolution and the localities along with retired soldiers joined hands with them. Maulvi Liyakat Ali took over the charge as the Governor of independent Allahabad and made Khusrubagh his headquarters but Brigadier Niel re-established his supremacy over here on 18 june. The Britishers practiced inhuman behaviour and tortured the public and when general Havlock reached Allahabad , he found dead bodies of all revolutionaries hanged to trees. Its said that about 800 freedom fighters were hanged to death by the Britishers from 6 June to 16 th July. In 1834, the capital was transferred to Agra . In Jan 1858, Lord Canning once again declared Allahabad as the Capital city, In 1868, High Court was also transferred back to Allahabad from Agra . In 1887 Allahabad University was set up.

In 19 th century, few religions revolutions created a mass awakening and common man was also attracted and inspired for freedom struggle. Sessions of Indian National Congress were held in 1888, 1892 and 1910. In 1920 there was Khilafat Movement headed by Mahatma Gandhi in which he stressed on non violence to appose the British Rule. In 1921, Pt. Motilal Nehru gave mass arrest along with 1000 freedom fighters. In 1930, Pt. Nehru and Purshattam Das Tandon together started revolution for betterment of farmers. In this year, Pt. Moti Lal Nehru donated his residence to the Nation which was later named as 'Swaraj Bhawan' . In 1930, Gandhiji started Salt Movement in which he was accompanied by Mrs. Kamla Nehru to jail.

On 27 Feb 1931, Commander Chandra Shekhar Azad of Hindustan Socialist republican Army was martyred at Alfred Park in an effort to keep up their pledge of never surrendering before britishers.. In 1934, students Ramesh Chandra Kapoor and in 1942, Lal Padamdhar and Ramesh Malviya were martyred by the bullets of the Britishers. The soil of Allahabad is irrigated by the blood of many freedom fighters and martyrs.General elections were held in 1946 and congress won 5 seats out of 6 in Allahabad . One seat was taken by Muslim League. Purushottam Das Tandon was the speaker of Vidhan Sabha. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Pt. Keshav Malviya became a part of Govt.Allahabad is proud to have given 5 Prime Ministers to the Nation - Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi and V.P. Singh. King Bharat was the ruler of this Pratisthanpur and our country is named and known as BHARAT after his name

Allahabad - Main Event chart
BC Mahatma Buddha visited Prayag and stayed here for few days to Propagate his religion.
319 Pryag came under Chandragupt Maurya
232 Emperor Ashoka erected a pillar at Kaushambi which is now in Allahabad fort.
227 Emperor Ashoka constructed a stoop at Prayag.
326 Prayag came under the rule of Samudragupta.
400 Fa-Hien , a Chinese Buddha traveler visited Prayag
408 Chandragupta II's Daan Patra was found in Prayga.
468 Skiandhagupta's Daan Patra was found in Prayag
525 Prayag was undertaken by Kannauj's King Harshwardhaman
644 Chinese traveler Hieun-T-sang visited Prayag with Kannauj's King Harshwardhan
732 Prayag came under the rule of Pal Kings of Gaur
748 Shakaracharya visited Prayag and met Kumaril Bhatt
810 Prayag came under the rule of Parihar Kings of Kannauj.
1027 Got a Daan Patra from Jhunsi got a written record .
1090 Prayag came under the rule of Gahawar Kings of Kannauj . Mr. V.P.Singh our Ex PM belonged to 40 th generation of this family.
1194 Prayag came under the Muslim rule for the first time.
1247 Naseeruddin Mahmood came from Delhi and attacked the nearby rulers.
1286 Treaty of Kare between Kaikubad & his father.
1296 Aallauddin Khilji killed his uncle Jallaluddin Khilji at the bank of river Ganga .
1300 The Guru of Vaishnav Belief - Aacharya Ramanand was born at Prayag.
1394 Prayag came under the rule Jaunpur Kings (Jaunpur Kings ruled Prayag)
1500 Bengal 's Mahaprabhu Chaitanya visited Prayag.
1529 Babar and Jallauddin Khilji signed a Treaty of Kare.
1583 Foundation of fort was laid and Allahabad was named 'Allawas Governorship came to Allahabad from Kare.
1599 Prince Salim came to Prayag as Governor
1601 Khusrubagh was constructed , Salim declared himself 'Badshah' during Akbar's reign.
1605 Jahangir enlisted his record on Ashoka Pillar
1622 Khusru's dead body was brought from Agra and buried in Allahabad 's bagh.
1624 Fight between Jahangir and Shahanshah at the bank of river Tones.
1629 Shahjahan named Allahabad instead Allawas.
1661 Fight between Aauranzeb and his brothers for the fort of Allahabad
1712 Fight between Allahabad 's Governor Abdulla and Delhi 's troops at Aalamchand .Farrukhasiyar came and had a talk with Abdullah.
1719 Seven days fight between Allahabad fort's care taker Chabilaeram Nagar's niece Girdhar Bahadur and Delhi troops
1739 Marathas attacked Allahabad and looted the city
1743 Avadh Nawab Safdarganj became governor of Allahabad
1749 Navalrai attached Farukhabad and on being killed, Mohammad Khan Bangash's sons were hanged to death at Allahabad fort.
1750 Fight between Ahmed Khan Bangash and Avadh Nawab at Allahabad . The whole city was set on fire, only Dariaganj was left.
1759 Avadh's Nawab Shujauddaullah took over the fort by deception
1764 Mughal Emperor Shahaalam started living in Allahabad and Britishers were allotted Dewani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
1765 Province of Allahabad was given to Shujaudd-daulah by Britishers.
1771 Shahaalam went to Delhi from Allahabad ,Marathas wanted to take over Allahabad
1773 Allahabad province was sold by Britishers to Shujaudd daulah in Rs.50 Lacks.
1801 Allahabad permanently came under British rule
1802 Allahabad 's First settlement
1805 Allahabad 's Second settlement
1808 Allahabad 's Third settlement
1812 Allahabad 's Fourth settlement
1816 Pargana Kiwai was expelled out from Awadh and was included in Handiya
1824 Great Hindi Khari Boli Writer - Munshi Sadasukhlal expired
1825 Fatehpur was declared separated from Allahabad as a new district
1829 Commissionary was set up in Allahabad for the first time
1831 Office of Board of Revenue was established.
1836 Allahabad became the capital of the united province.
1937 Robbery and violence due to price hike
1839 Allahabad govt. high school was opened
1840 Pt. Ayoudhya Nath Kunjuoo was born.
1843 Highcourt was shifted to Agra from Allahabad
1844 Hindi literate Pt. Bal Krishna Bhatt was born.
1856 East India Railway was started in Allahabad
1857 First Freedom Struggle took place , about 800 people were hanged to death at chowk
1858 Lord Canning read out the declaration of Queen Victoria and Capital of the province was again shifted from Agra to Allahabad .The East India rule came to an end . Since this day, British Viceroy became the chief.The Viceroy's court was setup near Minto Park . Many kings, Emperors and landlords supported the British rule. Allahabad was declared the capital city of the country for one day.
1861 Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya was born . Colvin dispensary was inaugurated
1863 Municipality was set up.
1864 Bridge was constructed on River Tones .First time an exhibition was arranged in the city. Johanstonganj road was started , public library was opened.
1865 Pioneer newspaper was published ,George Anael was the editor.
1867 Railway line was laid between Jabalpur to Naini.
1868 High court came to Allahabad from Agra . There was a famine beyond Yamuna region.
1869 C.A.V School was set up.
1870 Public library, Board of Revenue, old high court, A.G.Office building of police headquarter and Alfred Park were made.
1872 Mayohall was made.
1873 The building of Chowk Sabzi Mandi was made. Kayastha pathshala was set up
1874 Govt. press building was constructed.
1877 First Newspaper 'Hindi Pradeep' was published.
1880 Arya samaj was established in chowk.
1887 Allahabad University was set up.
1888 4 th Session of congress was held at Allahabad .
1889 Bhatiya Bhawan library was opened. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was born , Daraganj High School was opened.
1891 Allahabad water works was made.
1893 Pt. Ayodhya Nath Kunjree expired.
1898 Crozthwest College was shifted from Lucknow to Allahabad .
1900 Saraswati Magazine was published, Chintamani Gosh was the editor.
1901 Hindu Boarding House was made.
1903 Aryakanya Pathshala was made English newspapers 'Indian Revenue' and 'Indian People' were published.
1904 Gauri Pathshala was inaugurated.
1905 Allahabad Faizabad Railway line was started.
1906 Vidhya Mandir School was made. Jaunpur Rail line was made Lukarganj was inhabited.
1907 Abhiyuday Newspaper was published.
1909 Leader paper was published in English. Pt. Sundarlal's Karmyogi newspaper was published.
1910 Akhil Bhartiya Exhibition was conducted , Minto park was constructed. Tandon ji published Maryada Paper.
1911 Hindi Sahitya Sammelan was set up. Hewett Road was made. Allahabad Raibareily Railway line was started.
1912 University's Senett Hall was made.
1913 Chowk Ghantaghar was made.
1914 Pt. Bal Krishna Bhatt expired. DAV college was opened.
1915 Bridge was constructed on Yamuna River .
1916 High Court's new Bhawan was made. Sri Sundar Lal, G.C Banerjee Hostel was started.
1917 Mazidiya Islamiya School was started. First communal riots look place this year.
1919 A field was made at Bamrauli for aeroplanes. Future paper was published.
1921 Urdu preet, Sayyed Akbar Hussain expired , England 's prince of Whales came to Allahabad . Congress protested his arrival. Congress minister Muzzafar Hassan was arrested during the protest for the first time.
1922 'Chand' Newpaper was published.
1923 Sarai Meer Khan's Road at Chowk was broadened.
1924 Hindu Mahasabha and Agawal Sewa Samiti was established.
1925 Prayag Sangeet Samiti was set up.
1926 Fearful Communal riots took place at Allahabad .
1927 Hindustan Academy was opened. New Katra Nagar was inhabited Thakur Roshan Sing was hanged to death at Malaka Prison.
1928 Pt. Shridhar Pathak expired. Bharat Weekly was published. Venkatesh Narayan Tiwari was the editor.
1930 Mahila Sewa Sadan was opened.
1931 (6 Feb) Pt. Motilal Nehru expired. 27 Feb, Chandra Shekhar Azad was martyred at company bagh in police encounter.
1932 (4 Jan) For the first time, there was a lathicharge on congressmen through police force.
1934 (9 April) Police fired on Congressmen.
1936 Dusshera fair , which was stopped due to communal riots, started again. Kumbh Mela was restarted. There was a slight earthquake.
1942 Quit India Movement continued for whole August. Student leader Padamadhar Singh and many other youngsters of the city were martyred by police firing.
1947 Whole City celebrated Independence Day on 15 th August. For the first time the tricolour flag was hoisted at govt. house. Sampurna nand ji took the honour.
1948 (3 Feb) Mahatma Gandhi Ji's ashes were abandoned in Sangam.
1950 (26 Jan) Republic Day was celebrated.
1954 (3 Feb) Kumbh Fair Stanpede look place, many were killed.
1955 Foundation of New Building of Allahabad Railway Station was set up.
1960 Allahabad Engineering and Medical College was set up.
1964 (8 June) Ashes of India 's first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru were abandoned in Sangam.
1998 Allahabad Doordarshan Kendra was set up.
1999 All India Information Technology Organization was setup

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